You Deserve Wealth

MONEY. Oh boy, how this issue can manifest in one’s life, when one does not BELIEVE they DESERVE wealth, money, a comfortable rich lifestyle. We may complain we dont have enough money, have dreams of winning the Powerball Lottery Jackpot, and even have it be a lifetime “theme” in our experience here on Earth that we are always lacking funds. But the truth is, if we don’t have the money, assets, we desire, there is something IN US holding us back. If you have any kind of talent AT ALL, a functioning brain and persistence to a degree, anything is truly possible, IF you have your subconscious WORKING FOR YOU not AGAINST YOU. Sometimes your energy system is Out Of Whack, due to your past, etc. It needs to be re-aligned. There are a variety ways to heal this poverty subconscious condition.

We need to FIX our RELATIONSHIP with Money and Ourselves, our spirit. We have too much attached to money, that is negative, buried deep within us. Usually we have no clue what is wrong with the relationship, only that we don’t have enough. Remember, money is Energy and so are you. Its time to become friends with money, get to know it, have it get to know you, and dissolved the unhealthy, untrue associations with it.



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